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Don't Stop You Now

I know that January is now out of the way, and so many of our members have started this year with a goal they have had for years - in some cases even decades - so why let it all slip away now?

We've had nothing but smiles, sweat, and great results from everyone who has attended so far, yet, there has been a steep drop-off in class attendance over the past 2 weeks as we've cleared our way past the "new year, new me" motivation kick.

Nothing worth having comes easy, for sure, but nothing at all comes from... well... doing nothing at all.

Something is always better than nothing, and that goal you've had burning your brain every time you look in the mirror, or try new clothes, or go out with friends, or even just go up the stairs, is still going to be there until we tick it off as a team.

The purpose of this email is not to berate anyone for not attending their regular classes, but instead to offer a quick reminder for why you started in the first place and to offer a helping hand wherever we can. Union Jab solely exists to be the place to go when you need a sociable and approachable way to get in your training for the week to not only look after your mind and body, but also your confidence and self-esteem in successfully achieving complicated tasks through boxing.

If you need classes modified, if you need a little 121 support to feel more comfortable attending classes, if you need some good resources to stay educated on exercise and nutrition, just send me a message and we'll do everything possible to keep you active and involved!

Yes slowing down your sessions or asking for a little bit of extra support may not be your favourite, but it's always better to move slower toward a goal than to give up on it all together. It is our habits that define us, make sure you pick your habits carefully.


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