Sick of the same old same old? Not know what you're doing in the gym? Enjoy the buzz of the group training atmosphere? Want more 121 guidance? Want to feel tough as nails training in all weather in the great outdoors? 

Membership is for you. 

Get unlimited access to over 15 small-group classes per week on a Union Jab 30-day rolling contract and get your brain and body to the place you always wanted it to be. 


Union Jab membership provides unlimited access to all classes on the timetable, both present and future, along with the additional bonuses below!

Get a free friend class pass every month to bring along your favourite training buddy (or buddy to be) to try it out for free!

Grab a 10% discount on all Union Jab clothing with your own discount code. 

And, not only that, but you will also receive priority booking on any fully booked classes! Never miss a workout again. 

Group Training 

At Union Jab, we're all fighting together. You won't find any competitive atmosphere of super-fit folk trying to constantly outdo eachother. Instead, you'll find a warm and welcoming environment with each class containing drills specific to improving your social, mental, and physical health. 

Good music is a must, along with a lot of laughs. 

Price & Terms 

This fantastic offer clocks in at only £39.95 per month to invest the confident person you want to be. 

All memberships are to be paid on (or around) the 1st of the month via standing order. A pro-rata payment will be taken for those starting mid-way through a month with the standing order to be established from the 1st of the following month. 

Free friend class pass allows free access to one friend to one class per month. 

To get started, simply contact Charlie via our contact page or email to get set up!

Cancellation Policy

All memberships and cancellations follow a 30-day rolling contract, in which any payment due within 30 days of written notice of cancellation shall be the final payment.

ALL CANCELLATION NOTICES ARE TO BE SUBMITTED VIA EMAIL to with all payments due within the following 30 days paid. No other method of cancellation notice is to be accepted other than email submission.