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Spectating Rules for Parents/Carers

Please note when reading that the below rules apply to all parents and spectators without exemption or discrimination. Everybody spectating their child/grandchild/person in care/other in a class is there because they want the best for them, and therefore certain ground-rules must be in place in order to keep it fair for all parents and the coach, allow the children to have the best opportunity to learn and develop, and to save uncomfortable conversations in person when such terms are not adhered to. 

When spectating, please:

  • Remain seated in the designated seating area throughout the duration of the class. Please do not move chairs or walk into/across the class; if your child needs support they can come to see you in the rest periods, but in the main this should be avoided so that they can focus on the drills set out to them. This also applies to putting on gloves, tying shoelaces, and especially not walking into a class to attempt to coach in any way.
  • Working rounds are for working. When the bell goes for a round, we need to get in the habit of working hard without distraction. This includes taking off hoodies, tying shoes, and especially stopping to get drinks or resting. Please help to promote a strong work ethic and sense of structure in the kids by prompting to perform such activities in the rest and not during the rounds. We rest in the rests, and we work when its time to work.
  • Don't coach from the sideline. There's a classic line you'll hear in boxing gyms: "one coach". This is because the coach has a plan for each child's development, and sometimes that does involve the child not doing something perfectly or having trouble with a task because that is how we all learn. If your child is struggling, let them struggle! Trust that they are being supervised and if they need coaching it will be provided. 
  • Please remain silent during demonstrations. Between working rounds there will be group coaching and demonstrations which require all the children to be silent and paying attention. Please also remain silent during such demonstrations in order to not be a distraction and to practice as we preach.  
  • Please make the coach aware of any outstanding health (physical or mental) issues or life circumstances that may impact their performance. I am very proud of the breadth of our audience and all the wonderful flavours of personality that come along to our classes, and we understand that some may have a harder time than others. This is especially true if they are going through something difficult in their personal life and perhaps need their coaching approach adapted. Let us know if there's anything going on and we will do our utmost to be discretely supportive.
  • Please prevent your child from wearing revealing clothing. An uncomfortable one to bring up, but it has to be said. If it would be too scantily clad for a school P.E. class it is likely too revealing for the boxing class.


  • My son is interested in joining a gym . He’s 12 yrs old

    Melony Tolan
  • Hello,

    I would like to bring my daughters to the youth class and also start the adult class myself, what clothing should my girls wear for class ? Do I need to provide gloves etc ?

    Robyn 😊

    Robyn Smith
  • Hello, I would like to book to take my son and daughter to youth boxing but I am unsure on what they will need for the first class?

    Thanks in advance for your help.


    Donna malston

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