Personal Coaching

Don't panic!

This isn't a session to be berated for that cookie you ate last week and forced to work harder than you feel comfortable. 

Who's it for?

Personal health coaching is for those wanting a comfortable place to go for personal advice specific to your body, habits and life. A place to learn how to control your mental and physical health through good nutrition and exercise. A place to have a friendly opportunity to burn off all the stress that's holding back your personal progress, and to massively improve your abilities and fitness for the life you lead. 

What's involved?

Some days may call for a simple coffee, a chat, and some steady mobility and movement drills when the last thing you need is more stress, and other days we can be throwing tyres, launching kettlebells, pushing powerlifting PRs or working out a niggling injury. 

Personal coaching is just that - PERSONAL. 

Exactly what you need, exactly when you need it. 

How do I get started?

Starting with a free coffee consultation chat, you can start to build and integrate your new health management system from only £20 a session with qualified nutritionist, personal trainer, and boxing coach Charlie 'CGR' Cooke. 

To get started simply send a message via our Facebook page, or an email from our contact page, to book in your free consultation. 


  • 121 Padwork/workout/health coaching session £20
  • 221 Padwork/workout/health coaching session £30 
  • *221 Parent/child (15yrs or under) session £20*
  • 121 Advanced personal training, nutrition counseling & programming £40
  • 221 Advanced personal training, nutrition counseling & programming £60
  • *For groups of 3 or more people please contact Charlie directly*
  • Block booking discount 10 sessions = 10% discount 
  • Block booking discount 20+ sessions = 20% discount 

You can learn more about Charlie's personal values in the "CGR Cooke" header of this website, or learn more about the groul training classes on offer on our Class Info page. 

I look forward to hearing from you soon!