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  • January 2021 - A Personal Review

    January has been a tough month psychologically. This is a strange contradiction to the reality of the past 28 days, as both CGR Cooke and Charlie Cooke have experienced almost nothing but successes. CGR Cooke has had the first podcast published which, although it has incredibly low views as I was expecting, has given some solace in the fact that it is a real tangible step forward toward the future career I am trying to build.
  • Starting Self-Improvement

    An introduction to self-help books, what got me started on them, and why you should start your own self-improvement journey. 

  • Trying to be a writer

    As someone who not only has been labelled as Asperger’s, I could very much be labelled ADHD and probably a bipolar depressive. My manic highs, in which I formulate countless incredible ideas which often come to fruition in the space of an afternoon, though sometimes in a couple of weeks if I’m really pushing it, seem to be the ultimate fuel behind what is a would-be, could-be writer.