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Union Jab Exhibition-Only Boxing Show

Hello! First of all, I want to say thank you to all of our existing and future members for making Union Jab what it is. It's only with your participation that Union Jab can exist to help people get healthy through boxing. 

So, on that note, Union Jab is very happy to announce our very own Exhibition-Only boxing show! *Cue rapturous applause*.

Here's some info on the event so you know what to expect:


Saturday the 1st of April is our proposed date to take place at our main Union Jab venue, Greenside Community Centre. This gives time for everyone to get their applications in and get in great shape ready to rock and roll! 


This is an exhibition-only event, meaning no winners and no losers. The purpose of the show is to give people the experience of a boxing show, though with less fear of haymaker punches and scrappy swinging. We hope that all who choose to participate do so for the joy of the sport and the event, and commit to training and getting themselves in shape in time for the show not just as a means to get fitter but to build your own self-confidence and demonstrate your skills in front of friends and family.


Throughout the weeks leading to the event you will learn how to:

  • Correctly execute all punches at all ranges
  • Use footwork to position yourself in/out of range
  • Execute trunk/head movement to slip & roll incoming shots
  • Utlise simple hand defenses to stay protected at all times
  • Spar safely to develop yourself and your partner
  • Confidently step into the ring and be proud of what you have achieved!

NOTE: You must attempt to attend a minimum of 2 classes or 121 sessions on 2 separate days as part of your preparation, including sparring, for safe participation.


Before anything we need to make sure that you give informed consent for taking part in the show. This means that you understand the risks associated with boxing, as no matter which way you put it, it's a sport that involves both punching and getting punched in the head and body and as such by participating you accept all liability for any harm that may come from such involvement. This will be a tick-box on your show application form (linked at the bottom of this page).


Anyone attempting to shoot for a knockout will be warned and ultimately removed from the ring if they continue to seek haymaker finishes. This is a show to demonstrate your boxing skill and test your fitness by going toe-to-toe with a well-matched opponent and colleague, not a chance to get out some aggression on someone just wanting a fun evening of boxing. Bouts will be evenly matched based on height, weight, age, ability and experience.


You will receive pre and post-fight medical attention from qualified medics and health professionals during your training, before the event, and after your bout. You must pass a basic health examination and be in a reasonable state of health in order to participate. 


Yes, you do get to pick your own walk out music and nickname. 

Shirts are optional for the blokes and chest covering required for women - no one is going to judge you but we understand some may/may not want to be bare chested. Shorts must have a large distinguishable waistband a separate colour to the leg. Tights may be worn under the shorts.

Groin protection for men is highly advised. Head protection is at the discretion of the competitor. Athletes must provide their own protection. All bouts will be 3x2min rounds with 1min rest.


Each class can be booked online at unionjab.com/book and are £4.95 each. A monthly membership can be established to gain priority access to all classes for £30 per month and 121 coaching sessions are £22 each.

However, for this event you can pre-purchase a package for 10 weeks of training in the following ways: 


- Unlimited classes 
- TOTAL £60 (Saving £15)


- Unlimited classes 
- 1x 121 session per week
- TOTAL £250 (Saving £45)

Full preparation: 

- Unlimited classes 
- 2x 121 session per week
- TOTAL £450 (Saving £65)


Ready to commit yourself to a definitive moment in your life?

This event very well could be the big spur you needed to get that backside into gear, feel what it's like to be fully fit and confident, and have the full toolkit required to continue your fitness for the rest of your life. 

When you're ready, simply fill in the application form below and I'll be in touch soon!