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What is Union Jab?

What is Union Jab? 

This is the first blog post for Union Jab, so naturally I thought I'd address the fact that not everyone knows what we are or what we do! 

Put simply, we provide boxing classes that focus on skill-set and inclusion in order to build confidence and ability not just physically, but mentally and socially. In Union Jab classes, we're All Boxing Together. 

Autistic Perception

I started Union Jab as an autistic personal trainer obsessed with the art of boxing, yet, through a mix of my social deficits in younger years alongside some experience of less welcoming boxing clubs to beginners and autistic boxers, I'd found a greater obsession in welcoming people to the sport for the love of the art as opposed to competitive greatness. 

I personally never cared for trophies and glory - boxing was my happy place to develop not only my skill set, body and mind, but also my opportunity to interact socially without the pressure to be extroverted and a 'team player' as I am personally built to be in my bubble. This isn't the same for everyone, but it was the case for me.

Fortunately, I noticed a lot of people were the same. A lot of people wish to be good at boxing, but don't care about being the champion of the world. A lot of people want to get fit, but feel intimidated by the competitive atmosphere present in a lot of gyms. A lot of people want to train with other people, but struggle with the social aspects of interpersonal interaction more than the training. A lot of people simply don't know where to start getting fit.

It's for these people that I started Union Jab. 

All Boxing Together

Our tagline - All Boxing Together - is no accident. It is the product of 13 years (at present) in the sport I love coming together with a lifetime of autistic perception to produce a training atmosphere that focuses on welcoming all personalities and abilities to partake in the sweet science of boxing. 

No matter your background, fitness level, size, shape, personality or confidence level; there will always be a spot for you in Union Jab boxing classes. 

How do we achieve this? 

Union Jab boxing classes are structured using a simple recipe of old-school boxing training mixed with modern strength and conditioning, a handful of psychological principles in habit formation and positivity, and a hearty splash of social interaction to build camaraderie and inclusion to produce an atmosphere of compassion for developing each other as opposed to outdoing each other. 

This includes pair-work, skill-specific drills, team exercises, and also time to work on your own to develop your own fitness in the peace of your own company. 

I've never boxed before - is that okay? Will everyone judge me? Are they all really good? Am I going to look like an idiot? Is my lack of fitness going to be an issue?

And any more questions you could add on too. 

Like I said, we're all boxing together. When you walk into a class you will not be seen as some rookie that's unable to keep up with the regulars, instead you'll be recognised as taking the same step that each of us did when we started which is by hardest one - that step, is the first one. 

Being willing to take that first step will immediately bring you nothing but the respect of the room as we all took it once and know how challenging it is. This alone is a great success. 

So, what can I expect?

Before anything, you will be welcomed by Coach Charlie and asked if you have any background, what your fitness is like, and if you have any injuries. If you have an old knee injury or haven't been off the sofa in weeks, that's fine! We've all been there! 

We'll then go through a quick warm up and then you'll be given some 121 time to get briefed on the basics before having to join in the main workout. No point jumping in the deepend if you don't know how to swim, so we will make sure you're happy with the basics before joining in the main workout. 

Once that's out of the way, the rest of the class will fly. You'll learn new skills and ways to coordinate your body that you'd never had before, you'll get a good workout, and you will leave knowing everybody's name with a big smile and keenness to book in for your next class.

How do I start?

Once you have checked the timetable for which classes are best for you simply head to our booking page and select the class, location, and date/time before adding to cart. You can do this for all classes up to 1 week in advance before checking out

When checking out make sure to make an account on the website so you can see all your bookings. Also ensure to read up on our memberships and all the perks that come with it, plus our cancellation policy (which hopefully you'll never need) so you know the terms! 

Once booked all you need to do is turn up and the rest is taken care of! 

I look forward to seeing you soon.




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