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Kit from Union Jab: Hand wraps, skipping ropes and gumshields

Hi all, 

Having boxed for 13+ years, it's safe to say I've been through my fair share of equipment and mistakes. Union Jab even used to have it's own range of gear, some of which has made a come-back. 

We now have some hand-wraps, gumshields and skipping ropes for sale which you can either purchase on the site or in class. 

Hand-wraps: Essential. Hand wraps are for holding the intricate structure of your hand together underneath your boxing gloves and become more and more necessary as punch power continues to increase. We have both adult and junior sizes and I recommend them highly to be worn. Purchase here.

Skipping ropes: One of my favourite pieces of kit and one of the best ways to boost cardio in a hurry. We do have some for use in classes but I always recommend having your own to use at home when you need to blast out a quick workout, plus you can adjust the length and get accustomed to your own set. Purchase here.

Gumshield: Although we don't do full-contact sparring, I always throw in my gumshield when there's any risk of clanging my teeth together just in case. Also, for those wanting to push their fitness or ever get into a ring, the way they change your breathing can be of massive benefit to both. Worth having in your training bag, and as people get more skilled there will be some drills which will require wearing one. Purchase here.

Drop me a message or chat to me in class if you have any questions!