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Union Jab Exhibition Show Sponsorship Packages

Hello fellow local business owner! Are you also trying to ways to promote your services and products to your local community? 

Union Jab is founded in grass-roots foundations that focus on promoting the local people and their continued development, which is a passion that's shared by most local businesses. 

It's for this reason that we've decided to open up our Exhibition Boxing Show to sponsors so that you too can benefit from an opportunity to speak directly to your customers! 

We Understand

We understand that all businesses have different requirements and different budgets to meet those requirements. 

In fact, the team here at Union Jab fortunately benefits from lots of experience in all forms of marketing and advertising, from

  • Clare's experience in the music and travel industries promoting both local events up to international digital marketing for the cruise industries
  • David's extensive background in lead generation and technical SEO for property companies through to escape rooms, or
  • Charlie's history in print and digital fitness content marketing for local and international markets

We've all worked in very different fields with very different approaches (and very different bank accounts) and understand the challenges that new or even established businesses can have getting their voice heard. 

Bespoke Packages 

For this reason, we want to work with you to best promote your business at our Exhibition Boxing Show. 

Packages start at £50 and are broken down as follows: 

  • £50 - Logo placement across all exhibition show marketing materials, both digital and print
  • £100 - Logo placement PLUS a bespoke advertisement promoting your business which will benefit from both print placement in our Event Brochure and marketing materials as-well as social media and email promotion
  • £250 - Logo placement PLUS bespoke advertisement and placement PLUS bout sponsorship for one of the available bouts of the evening. This will not only mean that your bespoke advertisement will be seen on all marketing materials for your sponsored bout, but you will also have this placement evident in the show brochure, online, AND you will have your sponsorship and business advertised during the bout's ring announcements on the evening of the show
  • £500 - the cream of the crop, this platinum package offers not only your logo placement PLUS bespoke advertisement PLUS main-event fight sponsorship as the crowd has grown and become more invested in the evening, you will ALSO receive a full page advertisement in our print materials, digial marketing, and email campaigns AND ALSO a ringside table with 10 seats for you and your chosen guests PLUS complimentary bubbly! Bargain. 

Get Started 

Now you know just how much there is to offer from sponsorship at the Union Jab Exhibition Boxing Show make sure to get in touch now before all spaces are filled up! 

Simply contact Charlie at and we'll be sure to get everything set up for your sponsorship success!