UNLIMITED CLASSES: Youth £18pm - Adult £30pm - Click here to sign up!

Union Jab Exhibition Show Sponsorship

Hello fellow local business owner! Are you also trying to ways to promote your services and products to your local community? 

Union Jab is founded in grass-roots foundations that focus on promoting the local people and their continued development, which is a passion that's shared by most local businesses. 

It's for this reason that we've decided to open up our Exhibition Boxing Show to sponsors so that you too can benefit from an opportunity to speak directly to your customers! 

Only £50 to Sponsor! 

For only £50 to sponsor a bout on the Union Jab show, you will receive logo placement on all marketing materials, tagged social media shout-outs on promotional posts, in-ring promotion of your business for your sponsored bout, and two tickets to the show! 

Get Started 

Now you know just how much there is to offer from bout sponsorship at the Union Jab Exhibition Boxing Show make sure to get in touch now before all spaces are filled up! 

Simply contact Charlie at charlie@unionjab.com and we'll be sure to get everything set up for your sponsorship success!