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Mission Statement


My name is Charlie Cooke, and I speak for health.

I do not see health as solely physical fitness, but rather all 5 dimensions including mental, social, emotional, and spiritual health. I understand that the universe exists in balance, and therefore accept that there is as much bad as good and mitigate for short-falls and failures rather than attempt to avoid them. 

I seek education on all things, at all times, from all people, and I will never meet a person so ignorant that I cannot learn something from them. I will listen to others to listen, not to speak. I will not form my own opinion until I have listened to that of the other, and I will not speak it unless I am asked. When I do speak my opinion I will do so in absolute uncompromising honesty, ensuring that I am saying exactly what I mean and meaning every word I say. 

I will always value respect over popularity, both in how I relate to others and how they relate to me. I will only treat others as I would expect to be treated and I will never partake in any transaction that disproportionately favours my benefit over that of others. 

I will respect myself as I respect others by ensuring that my own 5 dimensions of health are kept a top priority, as the more health I have the more I am able to help others improve theirs. Therefore, I will ensure to be active daily and eat nutritionally to maintain my physical health. I will seek outdoor activities and meditate regularly to maintain my spiritual health. I will actively seek interpersonal interactions and group activities, and remove any relationships which are not positive, in order to maintain my social health. I will read often and improve day-by-day to promote my emotional health, and I will sleep plentifully and allow myself rest without guilt to maintain my mental health.

I am the master of my fate and the captain of my soul, and I will never allow myself to blame others or allow others to dictate any of my actions, thoughts, feelings, or behaviours. I will never allow myself to become dependent on any person, place, or position, and will always retain my independence both personally and financially.

I will dedicate my life to helping others improve their own 5 dimensions of health in any way possible, be it individual interaction or global forms of media. All actions I take in life will be in the pursuit of improving health, and to this I sign my name. 

- Charlie Cooke