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Custom Commissions

Do you want to see your own beautiful face distorted into the cartoon creation is deserves to be? 

Or perhaps a pet, friend, or enemy... 

WELL! You're in luck! The amazing artist behind all the content across CGR Cooke, and my older brother, Ollie Cooke is currently taking commissions for personalised works. 

All you need to do is send your photos and as detailed a description of the subject as possible to ollie.c.draws@gmail.com, along with which product or products you would like branded! 

The amazing Ollie will then transform your ideas into his signature style and liase with you directly on the final artwork. If you're all happy, simply say 'go' and we will get your products made and sent directly to your door! 

Easy as that. 


CONTACT: Ollie.c.draws@gmail.com


Just to make life even easier, here's an example email of the process:

Customer: Hi! I would like to commission a canvas print of my dog, Mo. She is a little old lady of a girl who just loves to trott about doing her own thing and peeing on things. She doesn't really pay much attention to other people and just sniffs things until she's told it's time to go home, then she just trotts over and walks back home next to you before sleeping next to you all day. I have attached 15 photos because Gmail wouldn't let me add any more. I have literally thousands if you need any more examples. 

Ollie: Sounds great, thanks for all the detail! I have drawn up these quick sketches from what you have told me and the images provided. Let me know which is your favorite and why, and if there are any elements you would like increased/decreased and I'll put that together into a more final design for you! 

Customer: I love design number 3! Could you make her look a little more gormless? That's all thank you! 

Ollie: How is this? 

Customer: I love it! No further changes are needed, this is the best thing I have ever seen in my life! 

Ollie: I'm glad you like it! If you follow this link you can purchase your custom order as like any other order! I've had fun doing this, and please make sure to post a copy of the final design on social media tagging CGR Cooke! 

*Customer proceeds to place order through link and the product is manufactured by our third party provider and delivered to their door. They are over the moon and make a shrine around it, which they then photograph and post across all of the CGR Cooke social media pages, including the group community. This starts a flurry of love and attention and 5 million more orders come in, and everyone lives happily ever after.*