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Linda M.

Please use this as you want, if you want to put it on your website, or bits of it then that is cool.

Anyway, All of my life I was very fit and strong and could rise to any challenge, however I set up a few businesses some years ago and became more and more unfit and over weight. The stones piled on, I struggled to even get up a flight of stairs and then I became very badly aneamic. This made everything worse and the struggle became insurmountable.

Then I met Charlie. Charlie has worked with me for a year now and has worked with me to get me from being unable to run from 1 lamp post to the next to now I do Park runs and I run over 5k 3-4 times per week. I cannot tell you what this means to me. If 1 year ago you had said to me run across that road or a man will chop you up with an axe then I would have said, “ start chopping because I cant”.

And that is truly how I felt. I had no energy, was constantly out of breath and just
felt old, fat and unfit. November 2017 I thought it was a good idea to start doing some stair work and Charlie agreed but said I had to run to the steps. I said I could not and would not. Charlie somehow inspired me to give it a try and so began the couch to 5k.

I didn’t die and my legs didn’t fall off. So I kept trying to run and little by little I increased my distances and then increased my speed. Charlie also worked on injuries that I had and the stronger and fitter that I became the better my injuries became. The main thing is though, Charlie worked out my psyche and he worked with it. He worked with my injuries and health issues. He never let me quit but
found ways to get me to do things that I didn’t want to do.

Due to matters beyond our control Charlie can no longer personal train me and I’m devastated, as I will miss my friend so much. However he now has me in a place where I can self motivate and run by myself. Every day I feel so thankful that I met Charlie. I’m so thank full that I can run. Every day it’s like a miracle and I never stop being amazed by it.

If you are ever thinking of having a personal trainer, choose Charlie. He is truly amazing and inspirational. I have had many personal trainers but never one like Charlie. He became my friend, we had some horrible moments when all I just wanted him to go away but he stuck by me. We had some great laughs also.

Charlie is the best and if I had to design a second son, Charlie it would be you. YOU ARE THE BEST. I will miss you but wish you well always.