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Blueprint - Ross Edgley


Blueprint: Build a Bulletproof Body for Extreme Adventure in 365 Days 


by Ross Edgley






From world-renowned adventurer and best-selling author of The Art of Resilience and The World’s Fittest Book comes the ultimate blueprint to (re)building a bulletproof body.

Ross Edgley has spent decades perfecting the principles and practice of extreme fitness to achieve the impossible. Following a career-threatening injury in 2018, Ross was forced to reassess his training and take the next steps in a lifelong journey of redefining what the human body is capable of. In Blueprint, Ross shares the cutting-edge training program that empowered him to rebuild his body from surgery and a doctor’s gloomy prognosis to completing a world-record swim in just 365 days.

Whether it’s climbing a mountain, swimming the English Channel or a gruelling triathlon, Blueprint will teach you the tried-and-tested principles of sports science that have been used for decades by Olympians, explorers and adventurers at the limits of peak physical endurance.

Blueprint is Ross Edgley's complete training journey that shows you how to:


  • Divide a 365-day training plan into seasons (winter, spring, summer and autumn).
  • Rebuild your body using evolutionary medicine.
  • Build a superhuman work capacity with forgotten Spartan-style training.
  • Gain bulletproof resilience through Soviet-inspired strength training.
  • Boost your aerobic base with Olympian techniques.

Blueprint applies the exact same principles that enabled Ross to complete extreme feats such as the world’s longest sea swim, world’s longest rope climb, world’s heaviest triathlon and world’s strongest marathon.

Ross is your elite guide to achieving the impossible in the gym and beyond. Featuring almost 30 tailored workouts for different phases of training, packed with digestible sports science to help you optimise your workouts and interspersed with Ross' own daring adventures across the world, Blueprint is the ultimate guide to optimising your time and training to make the impossible possible.