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Leaflet drops: Support from our members

Hi all, 

Union Jab was recently lucky enough to be awarded some very competitive funding from the START UP team at Newcastle University in partnership with Santander (read more about it here) and when asked what we needed the funding for, the answer was simply 'leaflets'. 

Our classes started with just 2 body weight classes with no equipment and £0 in the bank at an outdoor venue in May 2021 (thank you Iain Robinson of Route 72), and as of March 2022 we currently have 15 classes on our timetable, teach boxing in multiple schools, have a full case of 121 clients working on their diet and fitness, we've had classes in 6 locations, and our main venue at Greenside not only has our full-time office for nutrition consultations and support, but is fully stocked for all types of workouts for large groups of exercisers in the main hall! 

This has all come from the support of our members, so it is with gritted teeth I honestly ask for your support. Our Facebook account was unfortunately the victim of fraud which, despite the money lost, has resulted in our posts not being shared out and we are unable to run ads to promote the classes while the case is still being investigated. 

This means our ability to grow is very limited, so we are relying on good old fashioned means to promote the classes which, of course, includes simple leaflet drops. Many of our members offered to drop some around their estates, at their work, at groups their kids go to, or at other community venues - and I am honestly quite overwhelmed with this generosity. 

I hate asking favours and feel odd putting out this post, but the willingness of parents with kids in our Youth Boxing classes to go for a family walk dropping off and posting flyers demonstrated a genuine want to help provide more of these classes for more of our local community wanting an accessible way to get into fitness. 

For this reason, there will be a box of flyers with a note left out in the back of classes near the main door. If anyone would like to take some that they would like to deliver I can only give my heart-felt thanks. It's only with your support that these classes can continue, and in return I offer all the support I can give to help you, your friends, your loved ones, your family, and our community to get into fitness and care for your health for life.

Thank you all again and I'll see you in class soon!